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No. 12 - Huge Red Box


The most unique arrangement in out signature huge box. Comes in one size.

No.18 - Classic 50 Red Roses In A Glass Vase


Classic Red Roses In A Glass Vase

No.126 - Red Roses

$199.00 – $299.00

A cute sphere-shaped hand-tied bouquet of 50 classic red Roses.Delux 75 roses.

No.103 - One Hundred Red Roses


Red Roses in our signature luxury box.Standard box made with 100 red roses. Available color for the standard box: Light blue, Mint, Pink velvet, Burgundy velvet, Black, Gold.

No.155 - Red Roses in Golden Box

$149.00 – $300.00

Red Roses in Golden Box

No.392 Heart Full of Roses

$185.00 – $255.00

Floral N5 brand heart box full of roses.

No. 599 - Giant Box With Red And White Roses


Giant Premium Size Velvet Box filled with 125 Fresh Roses. Height of the box: 12 inches Height of the arrangement: 24 inches.

No.101 - Red Roses In Velvet Box


25 Red Roses in our Signature box.